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The Git comes across many other thinkers in his meanderings across the Web. Keeping links to their pages in my browser's bookmarks has become unwieldy to say the least, hence this page. If you think The Git should include your page, or someone else's, send him an email. Please be aware that I do not necessarily endorse what you will find in the pages below -- I have only scratched the surface of some. But they will provide you with food for thought, some of it very challenging.

Jerry Pournelle's Chaos Manor Musings Jerry writes about everything from computers to politics. He publishes the best of the correspondence he receives and that alone makes a daily visit almost mandatory.
^zhurnal! This is the journal of ^z = Mark Zimmermann... musings on mind, matter, method, and metaphor... since April 1999.

Mark's musings are nearly all very short and to the point. He doesn't post daily as many bloggers do, but writes as and when he has something important to record.

Robert Karl Stonjek -- Essays on Consciousness

Robert has been my friend for over a quarter of a century and what a privilege that has been. He has been able to explain, in a form I could understand, many of the original ideas he has had while exploring a bewildering variety of intellectual endeavours. This is a gift many with his intellect do not possess.

The essays are all very short, having their origin in email correspondence.

Libertarian Essays by Roy Halliday This site contains links to libertarian essays explaining Roy's self-defence paradigm of justice and describing life in a free nation where the fundamental law is the non-aggression principle. It also lists the people and books that have had the most influence on his libertarian philosophy, and it lists the libertarian activities he has been involved in over the years.

The long piece: Enforceable Rights: A Libertarian Theory of Justice is essential reading in The Git's not very humble opinion.

GLOBAL BRAIN  The Evolution of Mass Mind From the Big Bang To the 21st Century by Howard Bloom
Attila the Stockbroker Poetry... Left wing, humorous and to the point.
FreeThinkers At the bottom of this page are links to some gripping stuff. Try Does Light Exist Between Events? by Jim Walker.
Dr John Skoyles John writes about the evolution of human intelligence.
Extropy Institute Extropy Institute acts as a networking and information center for those seeking to foster our continuing evolutionary advance by using technology to extend healthy life, augment intelligence, optimize psychology, and improve social systems.
Frank Tipler Frank Tipler is a mathematician at Tulane University and speculates on the relationship between the laws of physics and theology.
Fred Reed Fred is a journalist who writes here what he thinks, rather than what he is paid to write. Frequently very funny as well as challenging.
Doug Hoyt Doug is a climate scientist and an anthropogenic global warming sceptic.
Virusmyth Many doctors are concerned that the HIV virus does not exist and that the diagnosis of the disease AIDS is essentially meaningless.
JunkScience.com "All the junk that's fit to debunk!"
2Think.org "So what is the best method to arrive at tentative conclusions? Is it something along the lines of the scientific method? Can Occam's Razor help? Is it based, in part or in total, on faith? If so, how does one know what should be accepted and what should be rejected based on faith? If faith is (part of) the method, shouldn't all (unreasonable) claims be accepted to keep one's methodology consistent? To me, this paradox is the most puzzling aspect of human behaviour. People require evidence and use scientific methodologies in certain situations but see no contradiction when they rely completely on faith in other situations."
Religious Tolerance All you ever wanted to know about the world's religions.
Still Waiting for Greenhouse An unabashedly sceptical about anthropogenic global warming website. The Guest Papers are well worth reading, as well as the "online peer review" emails from both sides of the debate.
The Critical Rationalist A peer-reviewed electronic journal devoted to short papers about critical rationalism, the method advocated by Sir Karl Popper for the growth of knowledge.
What Pseudoscience Tells us About Science Many definitions of the scientific method have been formulated, and all have their merits. However, every single one can be counterfeited by pseudoscientists. Thus, pseudoscience has profound implications for models of science.
New Ideas in Science Dr. Thomas Gold: "The pace of scientific work continues to accelerate, but the question is whether the pace of *discovery* will continue to accelerate. If we were driving in the wrong direction - in the direction where no new ideas can be accepted - then even if scientific work goes on, the progress would be stifled. This is not to suggest that we are in quite such a disastrous position, but on the other hand, all is not well."
A Chronology of Events, Places, Ecological and Societal Impacts Gary D. Sharp, Ph.D: "Behind this Project is my own perception that there are very few folks who appreciate the greater relevance of TIME. There is also a general absence of insight, or general misunderstanding about the relative youth of Science... Some of the most difficult questions debated by early philosophers were those related to defining TIME. What we know; What we do not know; and, How long we have observed, or have been able to measure important natural phenomena."
Caroline Thompson's Physics "This site is about what is wrong with Fundamental Physics. It started with the discovery that we have been misled. We have been told that experiments agree with all the predictions of quantum theory, including those that involve the impossible - the Bell test experiments, that are supposed to show totally incomprehensible effects of separated particles on each other. I have looked at the evidence. The "loopholes" that they know are present are large enough to allow for perfectly straightforward explanations, with no sign of "non-locality"."
Ray Tomes' Cycles in the Universe "This is an index to Ray Tomes' site in which the main topics are the interdisciplinary study of cycles in the universe, explanation of and applications of the Harmonics theory which deals with explaining the patterns of observed cycles in every field of study including astronomy, biology, cosmology, commodities, economics, geology, geophysics, history, music, physics, society and wars."
SCIENCE HOBBYIST An eclectic mix from an electronics engineer.
Science Myths The complex and abstract nature of Science makes the subject difficult to understand. But complexity is not the only barrier to our understanding Science. The subject is made much more difficult by the presence of numerous misleading "Science Myths" which circulate in the popular culture, which are handed down from parents to children, and which have become so common and widespread that they even appear in science textbooks and are taught as facts in elementary school.
Science Frontiers Science Frontiers and the Catalog of Anomalies are produced by William R. Corliss. Corliss has degrees in physics from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (B.S., 1950) and the University of Colorado (M.S., 1953). He is a member of the American Association for the Advancement of Science and the Society for Scientific Exploration. He resides in Glen Arm, Maryland, USA, where the Sourcebook Project is headquartered.
Late Night Live "Late Night Live is talk radio with a difference. From razor-sharp analysis of current events to the hottest debates in politics, science, philosophy and culture, Late Night Live opens up a world of ideas, putting you firmly in the big picture."

LNL broadcasts are available via the Internet, not just the wireless. Phillip Adams is one of The Git's favourite broadcasters and thinkers. While The Git disagrees often enough with Phillip, he is always challenged to rethink the differences.

Accuracy In Media Bias in reporting is pervasive. Despite its First Amendment protection, the press has no enforceable code of ethics for professional conduct. A lawyer who lies can be jailed for contempt of court. A surgeon who messes up an operation can lose his license. A corporation that falsifies reports can face serious troubles with the SEC. However, a journalist doesn't have to surrender his press card for faulty reporting.

This is a website that proffers an alternative to the mainstream media reports, essential when seeking a balanced perspective.

Anthony Campbell's Home Page There's some quite argumentative stuff on this site: 

"However, this site isn't just about medicine. I've always had numerous interests outside medicine and this explains why you'll find a lot of writing here on topics quite unrelated to my professional background. This applies particularly to the book reviews, which reflect a pretty wide range of eclectic reading over half a century. In other words, I'm a self-confessed generalist.

Temperamentally, I have strong leanings towards skepticism about many things, including, perhaps surprisingly, much of the current enthusiasm for alternative medicine, which seems to me to present many of the features of a belief system, something I deplore. I've included a number of pieces on skeptical themes, some of which have appeared previously in various journals. I provide a short explanation for this attitude in the skeptical foreword."

The Rathouse The philosophy site of Rafe Champion.

"We do not live by bread and technology alone because our lives gain meaning and purpose from the morals, mythology and metaphysics of our non-material heritage. We absorb these animating principles from our contacts with parents, teachers, preachers and peers, also from religion, art, literature, science, business, sport and politics.


This process of institutionalisation has almost proved fatal. It sometimes appears that the institutions and the groups who are have the most responsibility for the health and vigour of our thinking have in fact done much to mutilate and debilitate our heritage. This has been described as 'the treason of the intellectuals'. This process deserves further investigation in the hope that it can be reversed."

Tim Gadd's Thirteen Albanian Foxes An eclectic and humorous look at politics.

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ate our heritage. This has been described as 'the treason of the intellectuals'. This process deserves further investigation in the hope that it can be reversed." Tim Gadd's Thirteen Albanian Foxes An eclectic and humorous look at politics.

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