Garry Paige

Garry is a songwriter and among his well-known songs are Heading in the Right Direction and Words Are Not Enough. He has recently co-written two instrumentals with John Vallins: Surfing the Net and Bondi Beach Blue. Clicking the song titles links will download a short MP3 sample of those songs. 

Surfing the Net is used as the theme music for an Australian Broadcasting Corporation radio show about Information Technology.

A Brief History

Garry began writing songs while in England in 1966 and later in the United States. Garry visited several of the legendary studios of the time, including Stax, where he met and befriended Steve Cropper. Iron Butterfly guitarist, Erik Braunn, was fascinated by the wah-wah pedal that Garry had and bought it from him. Iron Butterfly's  ensuing album In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida became the first rock album to go platinum and stayed on the charts for two years.

Back in Australia in 1968 Garry teamed with Ray Burton of the Executives to write two top 40 hits: Christopher Robin and Summer Hill Road. The following year found him in England writing with Rick Wakeman (Yes) and Nick Simper (ex-Deep Purple). For the first two years of the seventies Garry worked with Russell Dunlop (Aesop's Fables and Sydney group Flake).

From 1972 to 1985 saw a long partnership with Mark Punch and their songs included Renee Geyer's massive hit Heading in the Right Direction and Words Are Not Enough. In 1979 Garry partnered with Kevin Borich to write the Angel's Hand album recorded in the UK.

In the eighties Garry wrote several songs with Australia's first lady of country, Ann Kirkpatrick. They wrote Old Sunlander Van for the the movie The Slim Dusty Story. He also started working with John Vallins and they wrote several songs for Kim Hart culminating in a Best Arrangement award for Facing the Music at the Yamaha Song Festival in 1983.

Garry wrote That Old Country Flame with Allan Caswell and it was recorded by Arthur Blanche for the Tamworth Country Album of the Year. 1987 found Garry working with Little River Band's David Briggs. They wrote Love Will Survive for LRB's Time Exposure album, recorded by George Martin, that went gold in the USA. Garry and David also wrote the number one country song in Australia She's Driving Me Out of Your Mind for Donna Fisk.


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