One of my favourite web sites is DOMAI. 

It is the only place on the web where I have found the most delightful tasteful nude photos of beautiful girls. The Git gets paid if you subscribe after clicking this link. Note that clicking the link does not take you to an in-your-face subscription rant -- just the usual DOMAI Beauty of the Day page. For this to work properly, you must have cookies enabled.

If you are offended by nudity, don't click the link, but I do suggest some sort of remedial action -- perhaps suicide?

Here are some samples. Just click the pictures to see them full size. Use your browser's back button to return to this page:

alain-043.jpg (72505 bytes) aleka-7181.jpg (89225 bytes) alyona-23.jpg (69263 bytes)
aneli-hair-8557.jpg (63187 bytes) angela-0231.jpg (102964 bytes) ania-9343.jpg (80141 bytes)
ann-2-0660.jpg (69421 bytes) anna-red-2206.jpg (62440 bytes) antuanetta-397.jpg (69734 bytes)
dariya-7714.jpg (88044 bytes) eleina-0770.jpg (83338 bytes) elia-168905.jpg (120302 bytes)
gigi-m-3253.jpg (137826 bytes) ira-5409.jpg (80841 bytes) jenny-162.jpg (77332 bytes)

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