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I really enjoy reading someone whose mind has a mind of its own! -- Ray Sutton

Political incorrectness? You people are bigots! Tell me something. Do you think that God your father in heaven who your suppose to emulate is prejudice? Grow up! -- M.N.

I have not had to reinstall windows since using ghost - but you know a better way? Oh, yes, change format and computer - use a Mac. Sounds like you hide from problems and viruses rather than facing them head on... I do open attachments, download software and visit all the places where viruses are found - I don't let viruses restrict my freedom, I don't hide under the bed, I do what I want. -- Professor Stinkjet


This website contains graphic and explicit descriptions of traditional agricultural practises, including seed-sowing, harvesting, cultivation of the soil and totalitarian weed control! And the occasional nude young lady :-)

Characters in this Blog

One of the difficulties of writing about personal experiences and thoughts is the perpendicular pronoun: "I". Allan Moult, the editor who guided my early writing efforts was quite fierce about eliminating every possible occurrence of the perpendicular pronoun and my gratitude to him on this account is immense. On the other hand, it can be quite difficult to achieve. One way out of the difficulty is to invent an alter ego, hence The Pompous Git

The original Pompous Git was Stuart Littlemore, an Australian lawyer/journalist who started a weekly broadcast on ABC Television called Media Watch. The program revealed examples of blatant media bias, plagiarism and outright dishonesty and became a must-see while Stuart remained at the helm. Sadly, it's but a shadow of its former glory and nowhere near as compulsive. Like Stuart Littlemore, I have a passion for honesty, accuracy and attribution. The Daily Diatribe was also shamelessly pinched from the opening animation sequence of the show.

Another passionate advocate, this time of justice, is John Mortimer's character: Rumpole of the Bailey. Culturally impoverished Americans be aware that John Mortimer's books should be available to you, even if the excellent TV series starring the Australian actor, Leo McKern are not. Rumpole refers to his wife as She Who Must Be Obeyed, pronounced in a suitably reverential tone. Hence, my good wife, Marguerite, makes her appearances in my Blogs as SWMBO and occasionally Mrs Git.

Our son, Thomas, almost invariably appears as himself. Why this should be so completely escapes me. While most of us seem to earn a nickname, even if it's only a contraction of our full name, he seems to have eluded this somehow. Not for him the intriguing possibilities of Pull-through, Daggy, Punch, Match-fist, Dog-ball-eyes or Dead-set Matt.

Lastly, security at The House of Steel where all the characters reside is managed by Ricky the Wonderdog. Originally, named Ricky Ricardo by Thomas when both were mere tadpoles, he too gained a nick for these pages. Ricky has an amazing ability to frighten people by fiercely wagging his tail at them while saying (in doggie-speak) "If you don't pat me, I'll wag my tail even more fiercely!"

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One of The Git's favourite web sites is DOMAI. 

It is the only place on the web where I have found the most delightful tasteful nude photos of beautiful girls. The Git gets paid if you subscribe after clicking the link on the ensuing page. Note that clicking the link does not take you to an in-your-face subscription rant -- just the usual DOMAI Beauty of the Day page. 

If you are offended by nudity, please don't click these links, but The Git suggests some sort of remedial action -- perhaps suicide?

Some of the links The Git would like to have on the weekly rant pages are not HTML 4.01 compliant, so they are all on this page. If you experience any difficulties due to the lack of compliance of this page, PLEASE LET ME KNOW.

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The Daynotes Gang: The history of this little undertaking had its origins in Jerry Pournelle's daily musings on computers, life, and everything. Bob Thompson followed with a similar daily journal, and... well... as they say, the rest is pretty much history.

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