The following links I found useful for either information or as suppliers of products. I can't make any warranty regarding dealing with the companies involved as several are overseas and in any event, your mileage may vary. Different branches of the same company often have a different corporate culture. I have eliminated several companies from inclusion in this list on the grounds that they pissed me off very badly. 

Build Your Own House

Build Your Own House is the ultimate web site for owner builders, where you can swap notes, ask questions, buy and sell building materials, share your stories and tips. It is humbly dedicated to the memory of Alistair Knox, founder of the owner building and mud brick movements.

Home Ideas Centres

A resource for Australian homeowners and builders. Visit your local Home Ideas Centre to see and often touch the kinds of things you might want in your home. This is where we discovered Certainteed vinyl framed windows.


Suppliers of vinyl framed double glazing.

Helps find products and resources.

The Wood Floor Doctor

This Canadian site is an excellent source of quality information on wood flooring.


A US owner builder advocate. Political, but some excellent ideas.


A Java page that allows you to convert units of one system to another: Fahrenheit to Celsius, Feet to Metres, or even Ångströms.

Solid Design Fabricators

A discussion of the relative merits of granite and synthetic benchtops.

Owner Builder Insurance

This Australian website provides insurance information for owner builders. We were self-insured until lockup whereupon our regular insurance company allowed us to insure the house.


Suppliers of the oil we used on the external timber stairs.


The supplier of the sarking we used inside the house's steel exterior.


Australian paint manufacturer supplying the paint for the house.

Davey Pumps

The manufacturer of the pump we use.


Manufacturers of the hinges and drawer slides we intend to use.

CSR Gyprock

Manufacturers of the plasterboard and fixings we used for the interior of the house.

A World Of Treasures:

Discover the best selection of New 3-D, THEMED decorative light switchplates, covers and coordinating accent lamps, something for every room and everyone's interests . . .

Owner-Builders Club

Yahoo club for owner-builders.

Owner Builder Network

The owner builder network can best be described as a program that permits you to handle every phase of the building process, from financing through construction. What our program gives you isn't a source of physical labor. It's something far more precious. We provide you with the information you need to do it yourself.

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