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Wednesday 4 October 2000

The weather has been truly awful: gale force winds and lots of rain. We have even had an electrical storm, something that happens less than once a year on average. Finally located a plumber, but he's holidaying in Europe. Luckily, he doesn't have a great workload to return to. 

Wednesday 11 October 2000

Well, a week has gone by and it seems the weather is never going to stop. The test holes I dug for the health inspector are still full of water. The electrician has yet to call. We have finalised the design of the windows. The larger 1.5 m square windows are now 1 m square and the tall bedroom windows are 1 m wide instead of 1.5. The tall 1.5 m wide window facing south east in Thomas's room is replaced by a 1 m square window. All windows are now to be Lo-E; that is treated to reduce heat loss. All the north and west facing windows are to be treated to reduce solar heat gain, reducing the need for shading. The changes had a small impact on the cost; they are still $A30,800.

While as a proportion of the total cost of the house this still seems high, this must be offset by several factors. The first is reduced energy needs to keep the house warm in winter and cool in summer. The second is we will likely not need insulating drapes and pelmets. Being vinyl framed, they require no regular maintenance, such as painting.

Here you will find a map of the land and a brief explanation of its parts.

Wednesday 18 October 2000

The weather has stopped. In the last few weeks we have had snow, hail, rain and a killing frost this morning. Today I spoke to the electrician and the electricity provider indicated we should just go ahead with the power pole. They were supposed to come and inspect where it's to go, but never got a round twit. I also met the plumber for the first time; he has been on holiday in Europe for the last few weeks. So, it's off to the steel merchants to have the structural and cladding components of the house ordered and delivered. Progress at last!

The provider of hot water radiators still hasn't provided a price or dimensional details for the towel rails we want. I guess I'll have to phone and email them again.

Friday 20 October 2000

Steel ordering is under way and we have the contract for the windows.

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